Miscellaneous projects

This is a list of all miscellaneous programs, apps, tools, and diversions that I’ve written over time. Feel free to download and use them to your liking!



Web app that lets you drag-and-drop files onto it, and displays detailed and deep information and metadata from the file’s binary format. For example, it can extract Exif tags from JPEG or TIFF images, track information from MP3 files, and so on. It can also display images in formats that are not supported by your browser, e.g. PCX, TGA, RAS, and others.



Web app that lets you drag-and-drop any file onto it, and visualize it as a bit-mapped image. You can select from a number of different bitmap encodings for the visualization, from 32-bit encodings all the way down to 1-bit monochrome. Aside from a randomly fun way to visualize binary files, this can aid forensic analyses of binary files by exposing (uncompressed) bitmap images stored within these files.


Black hole ray tracer

Nonlinear ray tracer that renders objects in the vicinity of a Schwarzschild black hole. Supports rendering arbitrary numbers of accretion disks (textured and untextured) and spheres (textured, solid, and reflective). Also supports a controllable amount of curvature created by the black hole.


EXIF Photo Renaming Utility

A graphical tool that renames collections of photos based on EXIF date/time tags stored in each photo, so that the photos can be sorted chronologically based on the file name.


.MPO 3D Photo Viewer

Quick and easy viewer for .MPO photos shot with 3D cameras, such as the FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D.


3D Model Viewer for Android

Android app for displaying 3D models (supports loading STL, OBJ, and PLY models).


Planetarium app for Samsung Gear VR

A planetarium app for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Complete with motion tracking, the app renders the full night sky with stars, planets, and a few nebulae. You can “look at” any particular object and see information about it from Wikipedia, as a floating card next to the object!


Seven-segment control for .NET

A custom component for .NET that simulates a physical seven-segment display.


Obscure Image Format Library for .NET

.NET class library for opening images that are stored in obscure or obsolete graphics formats. These include: Targa (.TGA), Sun raster (.RAS, .SUN), ZSoft (.PCX), Netpbm (.PPM, .PGM, .PBM, .PNM), SGI, and DICOM. Includes a test application for simple opening and viewing of these types of files.


Alternate Data Stream manager

Utility that allows you to view, create, delete, rename, and search for Alternate Data Streams in files on a NTFS partition.


Mandelbrot explorer (arbitrary precision)

Mandelbrot explorer written in C# with WinForms, allows you to zoom arbitrarily far (using BigInteger arithmetic).


Hyperbolic tessellations

Desktop app (written in C++) that generates hyperbolic tessellations on the Poincaré disk.


Ulam’s Spiral viewer

Ulam’s prime number spiral viewer (written in C++). Can generate extremely large spirals, limited only by your PC’s memory.


Knight’s tours with neural networks

Generates knight’s tours using a neural network algorithm.

*** Much older stuff ***

Bible Code generator

Searches for hidden messages within large text files (such as the Bible!) with hilarious results.



Utility that allows you to parse through any FAT partition (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT) on any media readable by your computer. (Written in C++)



Utility that allows you to parse through any NTFS partition on any media readable by your computer. (Written in C++)


Mandelbrot viewer for Java ME

Ever wanted to explore the Mandelbrot set on your Java-enabled feature phone? Well, now you can! Complete with instructions.


Veo Observer viewer

Lightweight application (C++) for capturing the data stream from an old Veo Observer camera.

*** Ancient stuff ***

JPEG viewer in pure BASIC

A very old, yet timeless piece of code in which I implement the baseline JPEG standard using QBASIC.