This is a list of all the tape drives and other media drives in my collection, and represents the types of media that I am currently able to read:

Model Interface Supported media
Colorado 250MB FDC QIC-80, QIC-40
Colorado Jumbo 1400 FDC QIC-3020-MC, QIC-3010-MC, QIC-80, QIC-40
Colorado T1000 FDC Travan TR-1, QIC-80
Conner CTM 3200 FDC QIC-Wide 3080
3.5″ Floppy drive, x2 FDC 1.44MB, 720KB 3.5″ floppy
5.25″ Floppy drive, x2 FDC 1.2MB, 360KB 5.25″ floppy
KryoFlux adapter USB Most floppy formats
Device Side FC5025 adapter USB Most 5.25″ floppy formats
Tandberg TDC 3660 SCSI QIC-150, QIC-120, QIC-24
DEC TZK10 SCSI QIC-150, QIC-120, QIC-24
Tandberg TDC 4220 SCSI QIC 2GB, QIC-150
Seagate CTM 3200R SCSI QIC-Wide
Exabyte EXB-8500 SCSI Data8 8mm 2/5 GB
Exabyte Mammoth EXB-8900 SCSI Data8 8mm 20/40 GB
Sony SDX-700C SCSI AIT3 (r/o AIT2)
Seagate STD28000N SCSI DDS2 (r/o DDS1)
Seagate STD2401LW SCSI DDS4 (r/o DDS3, DDS2)
IBM/HP 19P0798 SCSI DDS4 (r/o DDS3, DDS2)
IBM Ultrium 4 Fiber LTO-4 (r/o LTO-3, LTO-2)
Seagate STT28000N IDE TR-4 (r/o TR-3)
Dell STT3401A IDE TR-7 (r/o TR-6)
SuperDisk IDE LS-120
Iomega Zip 250 IDE Zip 250
Iomega Jaz 1GB IDE Jaz 1GB
Iomega Jaz 2GB IDE Jaz 2GB
Iomega Easy 800 Parallel Ditto 800, (r/o TR-1, QIC-80)
Iomega Ditto 2GB Parallel Ditto 2GB, (r/o TR-3, TR-2, TR-1, QIC-80)

Get in touch if you have any old tape or floppy media that you’d like me to recover for you.

Here is a list of drives that I don’t have, but am passively looking for:

  • 8-inch floppy drive.
  • Magneto-optical disk drive.
  • 9-track (1/2-inch) tape drive.