The philanthropist

Just received this e-mail:

I wish to notify you that your name appeared in the codicil and last statement of your deceased relation, and you entitled to his fund of US$19,900,000.00 deposited with a bank here in Nigeria. I will advise you about the steps on how to redeem the inheritance funds from the bank.
Reply to me on time because the bank is waiting for you to show up and claim the funds.

Barrister David Mark.
Legal Head, Wester and Co. Chambers.
14 board way Victoria Island, Lagos.

And my response:

Dear Barrister Mark,

Thank you for notifying me of the funds bestowed unto me by my late “relation.” As you know, my Nigerian heritage is very important to me, and I am pleased that my relation chose you to handle his will.

Fortunately I have a very simple resolution for this situation:
I hereby authorize you to donate the entire sum of my inheritance to a charity that helps fight the AIDS epidemic in your country of Nigeria and its neighbors. I will leave the choice of charity up to you — we’re all in this together. Naturally, you may withdraw any amount you see fit from this fund to pay for your legal fees. I have the utmost confidence that you will be fair and just in handling this money.

Once again, sir, I am in great debt to you for bringing this to my attention.
Best regards,

Dmitry Brant