Even More Software

This is a master list of all the programs, utilities, and diversions that I’ve written over time. Feel free to download and use them to your liking!

— Data recovery utility that scans your media for traces of lost files (images, documents, etc.), and can undelete files from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS partitions.
FATWalker — Utility that allows you to parse through any FAT partition (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT) on any media readable by your computer.
NTFSWalker — Utility that allows you to parse through any NTFS partition on any media readable by your computer.
EXIF Photo Renaming Utility — A utility that renames collections of photos based on EXIF date/time tags stored in each photo, so that the photos can be sorted chronologically based on the file name.
FujiFilm .MPO 3D Photo Viewer — Quick and easy viewer for .MPO photos shot with 3D cameras, such as the FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D.
Thumbnail Cache Viewer — Utility that allows you to browse and view the thumbnail cache files in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
ADS Manager — Utility that allows you to create, delete, rename, and search for Alternate Data Streams in files on a NTFS partition.
Hyperbolic Tessellations — Program that generates hyperbolic tessellations on the PoincarĂ© disk.
Ulam’s Spiral Viewer — Ulam’s prime number spiral viewer. Can generate extremely large spirals, limited only by your computer’s memory.

Knight’s Tour Generator — Generates knight’s tours using a neural network algorithm.
Mandelbrot Set in VB.NET — Simple Mandelbrot viewer written in VB.NET.
Bible Code Generator — Searches for hidden messages within large text files (such as the Bible!).
Veo Observer Viewer — Lightweight application for capturing the data stream from a Veo Observer camera.
Decoders for various image formats for Visual Basic — Several programs I wrote a while ago in Visual Basic to view different image formats not natively supported by VB or Windows.
Assembler and Linker for SIC/XE — A (relatively) rudimentary assembler and linker for the conceptual SIC/XE architecture.
JPEG Viewer for QBasic — A very ancient, yet timeless piece of code.
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45 thoughts on “Even More Software”

  1. Thanks very much – It does what it says on the tin – This is an extremely usefull and well thought out piece of software – congratulations

  2. Dmitry, thank you for making your programs free! Resources are limited at this point in the holidays. Will donate to the cause when able. Thanks again!!

  3. Great software for getting your lost images, it can’t get mp4 or 3gp, also .avi and mp3 you must know the file length, so it can’t alse recover avi and mp3, but it’d great for jpg

  4. works well for provided extensions but why not allow a wild card in the extension such as mp? so it will pick-up mp3 and mp4 etc or allow a user designated file extension. But I really appreciate that I was able to recover some photos which were lost to an unintentional re-format. Thanks Dimitry. Cheers, from victoria bc canada.

  5. diskdigger is on a par with some of the expensive alternatives and i thank you for letting this be freeware once again thank you you have made an old man feel useful as my grandchildren bring their problems to me and your brilliant programme

  6. Thanks for the Veo Viewer. I had an Observer in the hallway of my old office for years – worked great!. Moved and misplaced the CD – ARRGH. Found your work & its back at work. UNFORTUNATELY, I have not been able to find a setup utility, so I am stuck with DHCP, as I had to reset the cam, as I seem to have ‘forgotted’ the old admin password. Now it would be beyond Good Fortune if you had one of those too. Heh – Had to set up an XP VM with IE7, so I could access the Web Client… Oh well

    Thanks so much for a cool tool.

    Jon B

  7. anybody ever wonder why you never see “db” and “d.b. COOPER” in the same place at the time?? mmm hmmm! True identity aside, thanks for the amazing software, Coop’ ;-D

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