Open-Source Tools for Everything

I thought I’d post a list of the best open-source utilities (at the present time) for performing various tasks. This isn’t necessarily a list of the “best” tools, but just tools that have worked the best for me.

  • – Word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, etc.
  • Firefox – Web browser.
  • Xine and/or MPlayer – Play DVDs and various video formats. (Linux only)
  • VideoLAN – Play videos, DVDs, and streams.
  • XMMS – Audio player (Linux only). Requires a special plugin to play MP3 and WMA files.
  • The GIMP – Drawing and image processing
  • The Paint.NET – Simple yet very powerful image editor.
  • dvd::rip – DVD ripping and transcoding (Linux only)
  • CDEx – CD ripping (Windows only)
  • Audacity – Audio track recorder and editor
  • VirtualDub – Video capture/processing utility
  • FileZilla – FTP client and server (Windows only)
  • WinMerge – File and directory compare (Windows only)
  • 7-Zip – Archive utility (Windows only)
  • gaim – Instant messaging client
  • Wireshark – Ethernet packet analyzer (formerly Ethereal)
  • Metasploit – Framework for testing exploits
  • HxD – Hex editor

Miscellaneous open-source (or otherwise free) things that are nice to have: